“Men At Home” (Glier and Holzer), Oil On Canvas, 1984

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Mike Glier, Men At Home Series (Mike Glier and Jenny Holzer), 1984; oil on canvas, 84 x 65 in.

Men at Home, Mike Glier, Jenny Hplzer, colab, 1984

Mike Glier’s art often reflects an interest in social concerns that parallels  other Colab artists.  In the early 1980s when many women artists were exploring issues of gender, Glier provided a unique male perspective.  His “Men at Home” series focused on men in domestic situations usually associated with women.  This large and important 1984 painting shows Glier braiding the hair of his companion artist Jenny Holzer.   One of the leaders in the rise of New Expressionism in the 1980s, Glier regularly exhibited in top international galleries.

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