Colette, Colette is Dead, Fiorucci Window: Records from the Story of My Life, Mixed Media, 1978

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Justine of the Colette is Dead Co., Fiorucci window, 1978. Mixed media on foamcore, 12.25 x 12.25 inches.

The artist Colette made a name for herself in the 1970s through performances in unusual locations like the store window at the boutique Fiorucci. She documented many of these performances with photocollages that have been “Coletticized” with the addition of paint and other materials.

For Colette the documentation of her temporary performances has become a fine art in itself.   Her most interesting and attractive mode of documentation is the ongoing series “Records from the Story of My Life.”  Each of these works is a twelve-inch square collage (sized like an LP) that incorporates photographs embellished with paint and other materials.  Colette first began working in this long-running format in 1978.

Colette Performance Art


Colette: On the Streets and in the Clubs, 1972–1985

Colette worked without inhibition. Acting out an inner-world of fantasies she began making photographic self-portraits, creating soft fabric environments in which she was often a crucial living presence, and exhibiting self-referential hybrid works that combined sculpture, painting, and photography.