Olivia Beens & Claire Seidl, Mammoth Cave, Offset Poster, 1984

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Olivia Beens / Claire Seidl, Mammoth Cave, 1984; two color offset print poster on newsprint. 35 x 23 in.



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Olivia Beens: Claire Seidl

From Olivia Beens:  “I had an illustrated surgery book which interested me and I used it drawings as metaphors for my emotional/political state of mind…Mammoth cave was polluted at the time and I used it as an analogy for cancer in a person and how we were destroying the earth through various means.
I expressed my ideas to Claire and she came up with the top part of the poster——-leaves, earth, abstraction as I recall.”

Beens and Claire Seidl had recently done a collaborative exhibition called “She Gave Her Heart Away.”

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