The Integram System. Photo layouts illustrating the Integram process and its component parts, 1977

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Black and white photo prints affixed to paper with typed descriptions and later hand-written developing notes; 8.5 x 11 inches each

These layout sheets were made in preparation for a 19-page paper entitled Wide Angle Integral Photography – The Integram* System by Roger de Montebello, 1977.

Figure 1(a): Copy of close-up Integram, rephotographed at about 20 degrees to the left… compare with Figure 1(b), which represents exactly the same Integram… from a different vantage point.

Figure 1(b): Copy of close-up Integram, rephotographed at about 30 degrees to the right… compare with Figure 1(a)…

Figure 3: Small portion of an Integram viewing screen of the current type (enlarged 8 times)… Note: The subject here is part of an eye.

Figure 4: Small portion of an array of positive elemental images of an Integram.

Roger Lannes de Montebello


Roger Lannes de Montebello (1908–1986): A 40-Year Quest for 3-D Photography

Although Philippe de Montebello, the former Metropolitan Museum director is well-known, few people have heard about his father Roger de Montebello and his life-long creative obsession with three-dimensional photography.