Portrait of M. Henry Jones, Integram 3D Photograph, 1985/86

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An Integram 3D Photograph is composed of a photo transparency seen through a viewing screen and lit from behind.

This is a fully completed Integram 3D Photograph with a positive transparency and lens viewing screen held in place by a metal frame; 8.5 x 10.5 x .75 inches

Integram 3D Photographs reveal multiple views of the subject as the viewer’s position changes in relation to the picture. All images on this page are of the same object seen from different angles.

Some alternate views.

Roger Lannes de Montebello


Roger Lannes de Montebello (1908–1986): A 40-Year Quest for 3-D Photography

Although Philippe de Montebello, the former Metropolitan Museum director is well-known, few people have heard about his father Roger de Montebello and his life-long creative obsession with three-dimensional photography.