Barbara Kruger, Public Art Fund, Card, 1991


Postcard for The Public Art Fund’s citywide exhibition, PSA: Public Service Art.  Features three images on the front of Barbara Kruger’s untitled, a series of three posters for 100 bus shelters citywide.  January-March 1991.  Photo images by Fran Collin.

“HELP! Graduation is coming and Ive got a good job lined up.  I want to get my life together.  But my girlfriend is seeing other guys and I just found out I’m pregnant. What should I do?”

“HELP! We’ve finally sent the kids off to school.  We’re not getting any younger.  I’ve got high blood pressure and arthritis.  I just found out I’m pregnant.  What should I do?”

“HELP! I’ve got a great job.  My wife just got a promotion.  We’re beginning to make a dent in the mortgage but it’s tough in this economy.  I just found out I’m pregnant.  What should I do?”

5in x 9.25in

front of Kruger's PSA: Public Service Art installation


back of postcard for Kruger's Public Art Fund installation


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