NIGHT Magazine, Vol. 1 #2, Anton Perich, Mick Jagger, Bianca Jagger, Joe Frazer, 1978

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Volume 1 issue #2 of Anton Perich’s NIGHT Magazine, October 1978.  This issue featured several spreads of photos of Studio 54.  Front cover features Mick and Bianca Jagger and boxer Joe Frazer and Denise Hayes.

Anton Perich, the publisher, editor and lead photographer of NIGHT, is also known as a video pioneer and painter.  NIGHT was inspired by Warhol’s Interview Magazine but deliberately sought to distinguish itself by emphasizing its pictorial content and using oversized pages and quality white paper stock.

Gallery 98 has acquired a collection of early issues of NIGHT and related promotional material.

Volume 1 issue #2 of NIGHT Magazine, October 1978. 22 pages. Unbound and printed in broadsheet newspaper format on matte paper. 16.5″ x 21″. Front cover has a tear along the fold line that has been mended with archival book tape.

front cover

two page spread at Studio 54

Studio 54

Studio 54

Detail shot of NIGHT Party

detail of index

Anton Perich NIGHT Magazine Periodicals


Anton Perich’s NIGHT Magazine Studio 54, Club Culture and Art, 1978-79

NIGHT was the creation of artist and photographer Anton Perich who, inspired by Andy Warhol’s Interview, made the decision to publish his own magazine using his own money. …