Blade, RIP Blade, Drawing, ND

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Blade, RIP Blade, Drawing, No date

In some of these drawings the generally upbeat and optimistic BLADE reveals a fatalistic side that is perhaps a by-product of the dangers he and colleagues once faced while illegally painting trains at night. However, the news of BLADE’s death is premature. He is alive and well, living in Florida.

Size: 6.25 x 6.4

BLADE Blade - Drawings and Manuscripts


BLADE, King of Graffiti: Cards, Photographs, Drawings, Publications

In the words of curator Roger Gastman, “Before New York City made graffiti world famous, BLADE was one of the people who made it famous in New York.” BLADE  (Steven Ogburn) was only fifteen years old when in 1972 he tagged his first train. By 1974 he was painting full…