Neke Carson, NIGHT Magazine Centerfold for LaRocka Modeling Agency, 1979


Size: 22.75 x 17.25

Collage created by Neke Carson, Airbrush shadows by Curt Hoppe. In the late 1970s, Carson was at the forefront of the strand of conceptual art fusing art, performance, and real life. The LaRocka Modeling Agency was an art piece but also a business inspired by the advent of New Wave style. LaRocka models included Anne Carlisle (star of the 1982 film Liquid Sky,) and Johnny Dynell (the prolific performer, DJ, and nightlife impresario.)

Roller-disco photos by Anton Perich on the back of centerfold.



Anne Carlisle Anton Perich Curt Hoppe Johnny Dynell Neke Carson NIGHT Magazine Performance Art Roxy Studio 54 Victor Hugo