Andy Warhol, “Christ, $9.98” (1985), Folded Card for the Exhibition B&W Paintings: Ads and Illustrations, Gagosian Gallery, 2002

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Andy Warhol, “Christ, $9.98” (1985), Folded Card, Gagosian Gallery, 2002

Size: 7.25 x 7 Inches



Andy Warhol Gagosian Gallery


Andy Warhol Ephemera, Part 2: Posthumous Cards, Posters (after Feb. 22, 1987)

This collection features some of the announcement cards, posters and publications from after the artist’s death on February 22, 1987. Posthumous ephemera have an interesting story to tell. As successful as Warhol was in life, the full range of his creativity and prodigious production only emerged after his death.