John Ahearn, Portrait of Stefan Eins, Cast Plaster Sculpture, 1979

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John Ahearn,  “Portrait of Stefan Eins,” Acrylic on cast plaster, 1979.

John Ahearn, Portrait of Stefan Eins, 1979

Soon after Stefan Eins set up the art space  Fashion-Moda in the South Bronx, artist John Ahearn created a  sensation there by making cast plaster portraits of local residents and then mounting them in an exhibition that was truly appreciated by the neighboring community.   The sculpture being offered here is of exceptional historic interest:  This is the very first painted plaster cast that Ahearn made in the Bronx and the  subject is Stefan Eins, the founder of Fashion-Moda.  Reserved for an art institution or established collector.

Fashion Moda John Ahearn Stefan Eins