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April 5, 2024
Vintage Art Posters: John Baldessari, Lawrence Weiner, Felix Gonzalez-Torres.

Posters inexpensively printed on offset presses have always been popular with art enthusiasts. Most of these posters were created by galleries and museums to advertise exhibitions. Some, on the other hand, were designed specifically to be sold in museum shops and poster stores as an affordable alternative to signed…

August 25, 2023
Three Tasteful Vintage Posters

Expanding our inventory of vintage posters by top artists from the last decades of the 20th Century is an ongoing process here at Gallery 98. We are currently photographing and processing a large collection of posters. As a taste of what is to come, here are three favorites. Each is…

August 27, 2020
MARKETING ART WITH POSTERS, 1970s-90s – Original Offset Posters Suitable for Framing

While the bread and butter for galleries has traditionally been the sale of high priced art to a few wealthy collectors, this market is most successful when the art is also appreciated by a larger, less-privileged audience of art enthusiasts.