Audrey Flack

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August 25, 2023
Three Tasteful Vintage Posters

Expanding our inventory of vintage posters by top artists from the last decades of the 20th Century is an ongoing process here at Gallery 98. We are currently photographing and processing a large collection of posters. As a taste of what is to come, here are three favorites. Each is…

June 15, 2023
The Vanitas Still-Life Paintings of Audrey Flack, 1976–78

Vintage art ephemera by Audrey Flack, including hand-signed offset prints of her vanitas still-life paintings, available for purchase at Gallery 98.

September 22, 2021
A FORGOTTEN ART MOVEMENT Photorealism: Cards and Catalogues, 1970s–90s

The success of Pop Art in the 1960s opened the way for other new styles of representational art. “Photorealism” was a term applied to a group of artists whose fastidious paintings strove to imitate photography. Like pop artists, photorealists favored imagery drawn from everyday life and the American vernacular. OK Harris Gallery and the …