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March 7, 2024
Downtown Independent Films: Posters and Flyers, 1970s & 1980s

While few of these films were commercial successes, they provide a glimpse of the passions that fueled the East Village art scene during a creative highpoint. These low-budget, Super-8 productions embody the period’s do-it-yourself ethos, as well as, the fusion of art, music and club culture that animated the downtown…

July 8, 2021
THE OFFENDERS BY SCOTT B & BETH B, 1979 No Wave’s Fusion of Art, Music and Club Culture

If one wanted to encapsulate with a single work the spirit of the downtown art scene in the late 1970s, an appropriate choice might be Beth B & Scott B’s independent film The Offenders. A “savage satire” full of violence and nihilism, this low budget Super 8 film embodies the period’s…