Christof Kohlhoffer & Jolie Stahl, Untitled, Offset Poster, 1984

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Jolie Stahl/ Cristoff Kohlhoffer, 1984; two color offset print poster on newsprint. 35 x 23 in.


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Jolie Stahl: Christof Kohlhofer

Stahl’s drawing is of Artemis, an ancient fertility goddess and was based on a sculpture found at Ephesus. Kohlhofer’s image is a comic magician balancing a snake on his nose.

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Collaborative Projects Inc (COLAB) Cristoff Kohlhoffer Posters


Talk is Cheap: A Street Poster Exhibition, 1984

In the 1970s and 80s much of downtown New York lay in decay but amidst the economic squalor a surprising art renaissance emerged along the district’s streets and walls. Most people remember the graffiti from that period but of equal interest was the profusion of street posters. This was the…