Fleshtones, Hand colored cut-out photo for the animation Soul City, 1977-79

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M. Henry Jones (Photographer) The Fleshtones with Peter Zaremba, Jan Marek Pakulsi, Keith Streng, and Lenny Calderon, hand colored cut-out photo for the animation Soul City.

Animation sequence number: 44E, signed by artist, 1977-79

Approx. 7 x 10 in., Irregular shape.




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Gallery 98 is pleased to present ten of the original, hand-colored, cutout photographs that M. Henry Jones created for his animated film Soul City. Created before the invention of digital editing and computer tools like Photoshop, this 2 ½ minute film was an incredibly labor-intensive task that required two years to complete. Jones printed over 1700 photographs that were then hand-cut with an X-acto knife, hand-colored, and reshot frame-by-frame with changing color backgrounds. This is the first time that original photographs from this now legendary film are being offered for sale.



Photo Cut-Outs: M. Henry Jones’ Film Soul City, 1977–79

The emergence of digital photography during the last decade has provided a new perspective on photographs from the pre-digital era. The photographs that M. Henry Jones created in the late 1970s for the animated film Soul City have a special place in this story of technological change.