A’s Gallery, Alan Suicide, Y Pants, New Years Eve Party, Flyer, 1979


2-Sided xeroxed flyer for Arleen Schloss’ A’s Gallery, 1979.  One one side, the flyer advertises for December Wednesdays at A’s, featuring Y Pants (Barbara Ess, Virginia Piersol and Gail Vachon), The Ravaged and Snakes of Spain, 1979.  The other side advertises for A’s Gallery’s New Years Eve party, featuring music by The Coachmen, Harry Toledo, Liquid Idiot and Alan Suicide, 1979-80.

8.5″ x 11″

A's Gallery Alan Suicide and Y Pants

New Years Eve Invite

A's Gallery Alan Suicide and Y Pants

Back of flyer, with December Wednesdays

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