M. Henry Jones, Soul City, Layout Sheet #5, 1978

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Layout sheet #5 for M. Henry Jones’ animated film, Soul City, with the Fleshtones, 1978.

‘You Can Twist / Your Can Frub / All I’m Saying is Man You Better Move On’, one of the hand-drawn animation layout sheets that Jones used to sync the numbered stills with the timing of the audio and strobe effects, is another recently acquired item. Covering only 10 seconds of the film, this layout sheet shows the incredible complexity of the project.

12″ x 18″

Soul City Layout sheet 5 m henry jones

Film & Video M. Henry Jones


Photo Cut-Outs: M. Henry Jones’ Film Soul City, 1977–79

The emergence of digital photography during the last decade has provided a new perspective on photographs from the pre-digital era. The photographs that M. Henry Jones created in the late 1970s for the animated film Soul City have a special place in this story of technological change.