McClard, Salle, Winters, Bleckner, Schnabel, Newman, Stephan and Mullican, Mary Boone Gallery, Folded Card, 1981


Folded card for a group exhibition at Mary Boone Gallery, June 6 – 30, 1981.  Participating artists included Michael McClard, David Salle, Robin Winters, Ross Bleckner, Julian Schnabel, Donald Newman, Gary Stephan and Matt Mullican.  This memorable group portrait showing Boone’s all-male stable was taken on the roof of 420 West Broadway by Gianfranco Gorgoni.

5 x 7in. 10 x 7in when opened.

outside of Mary Boone Gallery card

outside of card, unfolded

inside photo for Mary Boone Gallery card

inside of card, unfolded

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Mary Boone Gallery:A History in Art Ephemera

Mary Boone’s decision to close her galleries as she gets ready to begin serving a 30-month jail sentence for tax evasion, brings to a halt the storied reign of one of New York’s most public and successful dealers.