Menil, The Rothko Chapel, Morton Feldman, Program, Pamphlet and Press, 1972


A collection of programs, pamphlets and press about the Menil Collection’s Rothko Chapel, Newman Obelisk, and Morton Feldman Concert, 1972.

Pamphlet – A Personal View of The Rothko Chapel and The Newman Obelisk by John Perreault.  8 pages.  Includes two photographs of the installations.  6 x 9in.

Program for Morton Feldman’s concert inside The Rothko Chapel, April 9, 1972.  Concert included members of the Houston Symphony Chorale and was conducted by Donald Strong.  6 x 9in.

Xerox of a press article in the Houston Post about the upcoming Morton Feldman concert, Creating the Sound of Rothko, March 7, 1971.  11 x 15in.

Menil Rothko Chapel pamphlet

front of pamphlet

inside of Rothko Chapel program with image

inside spread of pamphlet with image of the inside of the chapel

Newman Obelisk photo

inside of pamphlet with image of The Newman Obelisk

program for Rothko Chapel concert

inside of Morton Feldman Concert program

Press for Morton Feldman

press for Morton Feldman concert

Menil Collection