Promotional Material for DETAILS Magazine, Counter Card, 1985/09 (Sept), photo by Bill Cunningham

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Counter card for the September issue of DETAILS Magazine, 1985.  The photograph on this counter card is by Bill Cunningham from the 40-page special of the photographer’s fashion photos and reviews of the Fall collections.  This is not the issue itself, but rather a large advertising counter card that was used in newsstands to promote the new issue, and is perfectly suited for framing.

11.5″ x 15.5″

Counter Card Details Magazine Fashion


Bill Cunningham & DETAILS Magazine, 1982–90

For readers of the weekend style section of the New York Times, Bill Cunningham (1929–2016) was a perennial presence in two of the paper’s most popular weekly picture columns: On the Street, a sharp-eyed compendium of the fashion he encountered on the street; and Evening Hours, a compilation of portraits of society figures at New York philanthropic fund-raisers.