04. Jack Smith, Fart-Trite (Art-Rite cover proposal). Marker on paper, c. 1976


Jack Smith, Art Rite Proposal, Drawing, N.D.

In 2021 Walter Robinson, co-editor of Art Rite magazine, commented on this piece saying, “Gee I wonder why we didn’t use it…. Edit ‘rediscovered’ Jack in the ‘70s, long after the notoriety of his 1964 Flaming Creatures bust had faded, visiting him in his kitschily decorated EV apartment, listening to his paeans to B actress Maria Montez, and entertaining him in her tiny front office at the vast Art-Rite headquarters loft at 149 Wooster St. I was ‘the creature in the back.’ She organized several film events for him at Artists Space — ‘All I want to do is show my own films,’ he’d whine — that mostly tuned into disasters thanks to technical difficulties and a principal who had too much to drink.”

Size: 9 x 11 inches

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