Bettie Ringma & Marc H Miller, Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980

Edited by Leonor Faber-Jonker, with essays by Mark Bergsma and Faber-Jonker.

“As it so happened, Bettie and Marc tapped into a deeper cultural touchstone: the longstanding tradition of Dutch tavern portraits, which dates back to the work of 17th-century painters like Adriaen Brouwer and Jan Steen. As an art of the people, these madcap scenes of raucous delight were the snapshots of their time that challenged the prevailing morality while simultaneously preserving idiosyncratic characters engaged in lascivious escapades.”

—Miss Rosen, “Polaroids of Amsterdam’s bar scene in the 80s,” i-D online, March 13 2023

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April 16, 2024
Sunday, April 21, 2:30pm: Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980

THIS COMING SUNDAY, April 21st at 2:30pm. Meet Gallery 98’s Marc H Miller at NYU Bobst Library, where he will be presenting a book featuring the photographs that he and Bettie Ringma took in Amsterdam, 1980. The editor of the book, Leonor Faber-Jonker, will also be participating.

December 7, 2023
Last Call Before Christmas: Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980

Selling Polaroids is a picture book for many audiences. Drinkers and dive-bar aficionados will certainly be pleased. But it is also for fans of Amsterdam and the libertine spirit that the city continues to embody today.  Mostly though, it is a book celebrating the freewheeling lifestyle that artists enjoyed in the late 1970s and early 80s, a…

June 29, 2023
Front Page News in the Netherlands

“Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980” a book of photographs by Bettie Ringma and Gallery 98’s Marc H Miller had a successful launch last week in Amsterdam.

June 8, 2023
Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980: Book Launch at the Amsterdam City Archives

The Amsterdam City Archives will host the launch of “Selling Polaroids in the Bars of Amsterdam, 1980” on June 15th. Copies can be purchased directly from Lecturis NL.

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