Project X, Issue #12, Night Life Publication by Michael Alig, Julie Jewels & Rudolf, Late 80s/Early 90s


Project X, issue #12, December/January, 1989/90. Offset print on paper, 72 pages. 8.25 x 10.75 inches.

This magazine published by Rudolf and co-edited by Julie Jewels and Michael Alig, was devoted exclusively to nightlife, and captured the decadence that marked the final years of what, in retrospect, was surely a golden age of nightclubs.  The magazine came to an end when co-editor Michael Alig, the leader of a group of party-goers called the “Club Kids,” pleaded guilty to the killing of a member of his group in 1996.

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The Night Time Is The Right Time: N.Y.C. Nightclub Ephemera, 1980s

By the 1980s dozens of new nightclubs and bars including Area, Danceteria, Mudd Club, and Paradise Garage consciously strove to be part of the art world by presenting new music, art, film, video, fashion, and performance.