Kiki Smith and Jolie Stahl, Uterus Notepad, sold at the A More Store, 1983


Kiki Smith and Jolie Stahl, Notepad with Uterus Drawings, 1983.  offset prints on a pad of paper;  two different designs (one by Smith and one by Stahl) on approximately 100 alternating sheets of paper,  4 x 5 in.


Kiki Smith Jolie Stahl Uterus 80s Art

Appropriated drawing by Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith Jolie Stahl Uterus 80s Art

Drawing by Jolie Stahl

kiki smith jolie stahl

Stamp on the back of the notepad

This notepad with drawings of a uterus was conceived and created by Jolie Stahl and Kiki Smith for The A. More Store they jointly organized for COLAB in 1983.  Stahl’s image reproduces a drawing she herself made; Smith appropriated an existing image.  The images appear on alternating pages with each of the multiple sheets of paper that make up the notepad containing one or the other.  COLAB’s various gift shops in the early 1980s often went under the name “The A. More. Store.”  Their emphasis was on  artist-made, low-priced multiples with broad popular appeal.  Many items had a utilitarian function like this notepad.


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COLAB’s ever-changing nexus of thirty to sixty artists included many who later achieved individual fame, but the group’s real contribution was the philosophy of creative engagement it advanced through collective, do-it-yourself actions.