Neke Carson, Preps Model for Photo Shoot, Signed Photograph, 1975

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Neke Carson and Model, an out-take from a photo session of a mock performance piece by Neke Carson;  Model: Kristen Johnson;  photo: Anton Perich.  1975; original silver gelatin print, 20 x 24 in.  Signed by both Carson and Perich.

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Anton Perich Neke Carson


The Strange World of Neke Carson: Early Works, 1970–85

This is a show filled with unusual masterpieces: psychologically-charged drawings that hint at impropriety; ephemera from guerrilla performances staged in Soho galleries without permission; the notorious rectal-realist paintings created with a paintbrush in his behind; and objects connected with ventures like Carson’s LaRocka Modeling Agency and LaRocka Nite Club (later…