Miguel Piñero & Andrew Castrucci, Book of Genesis According to Saint Miguelito Silkscreen Print, Bullet Space, 1990

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Miguel Piñero and Andrew Castrucci, “Book of Genesis According to Saint Miguelito,” 1990, silkscreen print, 20″ x 23″. Available signed or unsigned.

Puerto Rican-born poet Miguel Piñero (1946–1988) chronicled the lives of fellow Lower East Siders and convicts in plays like the celebrated Short Eyes. He was among the group that founded the Nuyorican Poets’ Café.

Castrucci created this print after Piñero’s death, choosing the text for its strident tone. The image, of a man crucified to a clock face, can be read as an allusion to the text’s Biblical character, to Piñero’s recent death, or to the slow death of the Lower East Side.



Andrew Castrucci


Andrew Castrucci & Bullet Space: A Lower East Side Art Squat, 1980s & ’90s

In the mid-1980s, as gentrification encroached on the East Village, the neighborhood’s eastern fringe remained a lawless landscape of abandoned buildings and rubble-strewn lots.