No Se No, Rivington School Exhibition, Xerox flyer signed by Toyo, 1985


Xerox, 8 1/2″ x 14″. Designed and lettered by Toyo Tsuchiya. Signed by Toyo Tsuchiya, 1985.

Invitation flyer for the closing party of the first exhibition to use the name “Rivington School” (see press release).

Artists included: Wei Wei Ai, Kwok, Arleen Schloss, Ray Kelly, Joe Lewis, Linus Coraggio, Ken Hiratsuka.


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Linus Coraggio, Toyo Tsuchiya, and the Rivington School, 1983–95

In 1985, No Se No artists took over the empty lot on the corner of Rivington and Forsyth, transforming it into a crammed, junkyard-like Sculpture Garden that would become the Rivington School’s best-known manifestation.