Sidney Janis Gallery, Post-Graffiti, Basquiat, Crash, Daze, Futura, Haring, 21 Page Exhibition Catalogue, December 1983


Twenty-page catalogue, with black-and-white illustrations.

This important exhibition at the blue-chip Sidney Janis Gallery featured some of the first works on canvas by renowned graffiti artists.

Featuring A-One, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bear (Kwame Monroe), Marc Brasz, Crane, Crash (John Matos), Daze (Chris Ellis), Futura 2000 (Leonard McGurr), Keith Haring, The Arbitrator Koor (Charles Hargrove), Lady Pink (Sandra Fabara), Don Leicht, Noc 167 (Melvin Samuels, Jr.), Lee Quiñones, Ramm-Ell-Zee, Kenny Scharf, and Toxic (Torrick Ablack).

8.5″ x 11.”

Front cover, by Crash and Daze
Inside page Basquiat
Inside page, with image of Keith Haring and L.A. II
Inside page Futura

Back cover by Crash
Catalogues Daze (Chris Ellis) Futura 2000 (Leonard McGurr) Graffiti and Street Art Jean-Michel Basquiat Keith Haring Lady Pink (Sandra Fabara) Sidney Janis Gallery Street Art


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