Digital photograph, signed and annotated by Toyo. Available individually or as part of the Rivington School portfolio, 2017

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11″ x 14″ digital print, signed by Toyo.

Prominent in the center of the frame are the flying figures by Ed Herman.

Sculpture garden

This photo is also available as part of the

Rivington School Sculpture Garden portfolio.

Twelve signed and annotated 8″ x 10″ prints.

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Exterior, No Se No
Crowd outside No Se No
Corner of Rivington St. and Forsyth St., Spring of 1985
Ken Hiratsuka’s “One-Line Stone”
Sculpture garden
Working on sculpture garden
Sculpture garden
Tovey Halleck under arch in sculpture garden
Rivington School Night Event—DeMoMo’s Scrap Metal Music
1st Anniversary of Rivington School Sculpture Garden, Sept. 1986 (“We Painted Entire Garden White”)
“The Last Day of the Sculpture Garden” (bulldozer visible in background)


The Rivington School Toyo Tsuchiya


Linus Coraggio, Toyo Tsuchiya, and the Rivington School, 1983–95

In 1985, No Se No artists took over the empty lot on the corner of Rivington and Forsyth, transforming it into a crammed, junkyard-like Sculpture Garden that would become the Rivington School’s best-known manifestation.