Art-Rite, Walter Robinson, Edit deAk, Letter, 1977

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A letter written by Art-Rite’s editors, Walter Robinson and Edit deAk, to subscribers accompanying Issue #17, which came out in 1977.

“You hold in your hand issue #17, by Kim MaConnel (the Chinese on the cover reads: “What you see is what you get”)…. for new subscribers, who thought they were ordering a magazine of art criticism but keep getting works-of-art-in-magazine-form, never fear! Upcoming issues will have writing, reviews, and general information on artists and the work; besides the European issue, we’re planning concentrations on artist-made films, art in California, cable tv, even new painting and sculpture.”

8.5 x 11in.

letter from Walter Robinson and Edit deAk for Art-Rite Magazine

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