Basquiat, Salle, Fischl, Drawings, Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, Oversized 3-Fold Card, June 1984


Oversized 3-fold card for Drawings, a group exhibition at Mary Boone Michael Werner Gallery, 1984.  Participating artists included Jean-Michel Basquiat, Francesco Clemente, Eric Fischl, David Salle and others.  Inside of card features several large color prints, included work by Basquiat, Fischl and Salle.

Boone had married German art dealer Michael Werner in 1979.  This Drawings show includes many of the German artists he showed in Cologne.

9.25″ x 11″ folded. 11″ x 27.5″ unfolded.

mary boone gallery card for basquiat salle and others

front of card, folded

outside of card, unfolded. (Eric Fischl, David Salle)

inside of card, unfolded. (Gary Stephan, Troy Brauntuch, Jean-Michel Basquiat)

jean-michel basquiat print for mary boone gallery

inside fold, featuring Basquiat’s ‘Untitled’, 1984

david salle mary boone

inside fold, featuring David Salle’s ‘Untitled’, 1984

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