Peter Halley, Peter Nagy, Infotainment, Texas Gallery, Card, 1985


Card for Infotainment, an exhibition of new works from New York at Texas Gallery, Houston, 1985.  Artists included Alan Belcher, Peter Halley, Peter Nagy, Joseph Nechvetal, Laurise Simmons and others.

6 x 6in.

infotainment show at texas galelry


infotainment card (back) at Texas Gallery


Haim Steinbach Joseph Nechvatal Laurie Simmons Peter Halley Peter Nagy Sarah Charlesworth Texas Gallery


Texas Gallery

Thanks in part to our new high-visibility website, Gallery 98 is increasingly being approached by artists and galleries who want their history to be part of our ever-expanding collection of art ephemera. Recently, we were fortunate to obtain a large collection of announcement cards from the Texas Gallery, courtesy of its principal owner…