Suzanne Mallouk, One Olla, Vox Populi Gallery, Folded Card, 1985


Folded card for Suzanne Mallouk’s exhibition at Vox Populi, 1985.  Front of card features Mallouk’s One Olla.

“My paintings represented a creative catharsis of my relationship with Jean.  I painted white famous people in black face with red lips, like George Washington on a dollar bill or the American Express man.  I painted Malcolm X and boxers.  I went to my opening at the Vox Populi Gallery on 6th street in a limousine and an outfit by Andre Walker.”

“I painted Jean on the cover of the New York Times Magazine in white face.  Five collectors fought over it.  After the opening it sold for three thousand five hundred dollars.”

“Jean and Any went to see my art show the next day.  I head that they were both very quiet while they looked at everything.  They did not make fun of me or laugh at my work, which was strange.  Later, jean said to me, ‘You are no fool, Venus.’  He said he liked the portraits I had done of him because they laughed at him.  After this I could never paint again.”

These are excerpts from Jennifer Clement’s book, Widow Basquiat, quoting Suzanne Mallouk.

5 x 7in.

suzanne mallouk card for vox populi


inside of suzanne mallouk card for vox populi


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