Kiki Smith, “Untitled (Cigarette Pack)”, Oil Paint on Wood, 1980

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Kiki Smith, “Untitled (Cigarette Pack)”, Oil Paint on Wood, 1980. From the first A. More Store.

Size: 5.75″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″

Gallery 98 has a special connection to the artist group Collaborative Projects Inc. (COLAB).  Old announcement cards, flyers and early multiples by artists connected to the group make up a significant part of our inventory.

Kiki Smith was an early COLAB member, a leading participant in many of the group’s most memorable activities in the 1980s, including the Times Square Show, the A More Stores, and exhibitions at the COLAB affiliated art space ABC No Rio.

One of the most successful parts of the Times Square Show was the artist- run gift shop featuring low priced multiples.  COLAB repeated this format downtown in Soho just a few months later for Christmas.  Kiki Smith was one of the principle organizers of this first A More Store on Broome Street.  She also contributed a number of multiples including satirical cigarette packs made out of painted blocks of wood.  During the first half of the 1980s the A More Stores became a holiday tradition; many of the artist-made items sold there are available at Gallery 98.

A More Stores Collaborative Projects Inc (COLAB) Kiki Smith