Walter Robinson,”Kitty,” Signed Offset Print, Sold at The A More Store, 1982

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Walter Robinson, Kitty, 1982. Offset print, 8 x 10 inches, edition of 900; each print signed and numbered by the artist.

Walter Robinson, COLB, Kitty, Kitten, print

Walter Robinson’s populist ambition is revealed by the large run of 900 prints that he made of this cute kitty painted in a technique reminiscent of paint-by-numbers sets.  In the early 1980s COLAB organized a number of pop-up gift shops (often using the name “The A. More Store”) featuring  artist-made, low-priced multiples designed to have broad popular appeal.  Kitty was one of the items featured in an article about The A. More Store phenomenon in ArtForum, December 1984.

A More Stores Animals Collaborative Projects Inc (COLAB) Holiday Suggestions Walter Robinson


Collecting COLAB: Ephemera, Photography & Multiples, 1978–1985

COLAB’s ever-changing nexus of thirty to sixty artists included many who later achieved individual fame, but the group’s real contribution was the philosophy of creative engagement it advanced through collective, do-it-yourself actions.