Lady Bunny, Wigstock ’89, Tompkins Square Park, Poster, 1989


Lady Bunny, Poster for Wigstock, 1989. Wigstock was an annual drag queen festival held in Tompkin’s Square Park in New York’s East Village.

Size: 17 x 22.5 inches

Wigstock (named after Woodstock) began spontaneously in 1984 when Lady Bunny and other drag queens decided to put on a show in Tompkins Square Park. It became an annual East Village event that continued uninterrupted until the mid-90s when Mayor Rudolph Giuliani forced it out of the park to an area by the Hudson River.  Since then Wigstock has experienced many interruptions, revivals and changes of venue.

Lady Bunny LGBTQ Tompkins Square Park Wigstock