Teri Slotkin & Dick Miller, ed., First 3 Issues, 1978-1980

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Spanner NYC magazine, edited by Teri Slotkin and Dick Miller, three issues, each 8 1/2 x 11 inches, 1978 – 1980

The Red Issue, 1978, 77 pages.  Artists include: Marcia Resnick, Judy Rifka, Coleen Fitzgibbons and Robin Winters

The Green Issue, 1979, 75 pages.  Artists include: Tom Otterness, Beth B. & Scott B., Kiki Smith, Diego Cortez

The Blue Issue, 1980, 77 pages.   Artists include: Jenny Holzer and Peter Nadin, Lindzee Smith and Betsy Sussler, Christof Kohlhoefer, Walter Robinson, Christy Rupp,   Cindy Sherman.


Index from The Red Issue.


Two page spread by Kathy Acker from the Red Issue.


Green Issue Index


“Crumpled Page” by Terry Fox and Romaine Perin.  An unusual conceptual work (not a defect!).  From the Green Issue.


Blue Issue Index


One of four pages contributed by Cindy Sherman.  From the Blue Issue.

Spanner NYC magazine was the creation of photographer Teri Slotkin and sculptor Dick Miller.  It was published partially with funds from the artist group Collaborative Projects, Inc (Colab).  Contributing artists come from the Colab circle and the broader downtown art community.  Each of the artists was solely responsible for their own pages.    In addition to these three issues done in a traditional magazine format there is also a highly unusual special fourth issue of Spanner in which artists created rubber stamps that were than applied to a paper jumpsuit.  Gallery 98 offers the Spanner Jumpsuit as a separate listing.

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