Stefan Eins, Fashion Moda, SIGNED, Poster, 1980

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Fashion Moda poster, 1980; designed by Stefan Eins: offset print, 13 x 13 ½ inches. SIGNED by Stefan Eins.

No gallery was more radical in the late 1970s and early 1980s than Fashion-Moda, an art space founded by Colab member Stefan Eins in the South Bronx.  In late 1980 Stefan Eins created a collection of posters for the space using the distinctive logo he designed with words in English, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.   From the start Eins’ Fashion Moda posters caught the eye of the art world.  This design was featured in “Some Posters from Fashion Moda,” Artforum, January 1981.

Stefan Eins was the subject of a Gallery 98 online exhibition, Stefan Eins: the Enigma Behind 3 Mercer Street and Fashion Moda, 1970-80.

Fashion Moda Posters Stefan Eins