Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders, Promotional Booklet, 1979


Beth B & Scott B, The Offenders

“Scott B & Beth B’s The Offenders,” 1979; 12 page promotional booklet, photocopy, 7 x 7 in.

Scoot B and Beth B's The Offenders, Lydia Lunch, John Lurie, Adele Bertei, Pat Place, No Wave

Front and back cover of The Offenders booklet


Scott B & Beth B, The Offenders, Adele Bertei, John Lurie

Inside pages include images and plot details


Scoot B & Beth B, B Movies, No Wave, The Offenders

Credits inside back cover




Beth B and Scott B Downtown Independent Film Film & Video The Offenders


No Wave and Independent Film

The No Wave and Independent films produced in downtown New York in the 1970s and 1980s are an intriguing hybrid art form that intermingles music, fashion, performance and visual art.