“I accuse,” flyer from Judson Gallery, 1968


Typeset flyer from installation and performance at Judson Gallery. 8 1/2″ x 14″.

According to an announcement, the exhibition was to consist of the following:

  1. A 40″ x 60″ blow-up of the “I ACCUSE” statement placed on the wall, inside the gallery.
  2. Next to the blown up statement, a 750-watt blinding light.
  3. Under the light, a powerful police-type siren whines relentlessly for two hours, at the limit of human endurance, making it very hard for the spectator to stay ver long in the room. The siren can also be heard in the street for several blocks around.
  4. On a low square white box, under the blinding light, and directly in front of the blasting siren, Toche sits motionless for a period of two hours, staring at the public.
  5. Printed copies of the statement are handed out both inside and outside the gallery.
  6. A tape recording of the statement, in Toche’s voice, comes endlessly from a loudspeaker placed in the street, so it can be heard very clearly above the sound the siren in the adjacent streets.
  7. A large sign in the street, at the entrance of the gallery, bears the message: “Where a Change is Needed: Yesterday Watts, Today Columbia, Tomorrow the Museums?”


Fluxus Flyers Jean Toche