3 Mercer St. Store

To learn more about the 3 Mercer St. Store, visit Gallery 98’s past exhibition, Stefan Eins: the Enigma Behind 3 Mercer Street and Fashion Moda, 1970-80

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April 29, 2021
MOST ITEMS UNDER $5 — 3 MERCER STORE, 1976 Diego Cortez, Edit DeAk, Stefan Eins, Robin Winters

Stefan Eins’s storefront at 3 Mercer Street pointedly called itself a store, not a gallery.  Doubling as Eins’s illegal living quarters with a bed hidden behind a screen, the space (which operated from 1974 – 1979) epitomized the provocative DIY populism that made Downtown New York such a creative cauldron in the 1970s.