Stefan Eins, Poster, 3 Mercer Street Store, 1975

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“Stefan Eins Store 3 Mercer Str from October 20th,”  offset print on heavy board, design by Stefan Eins, 6 ¾ x 6 ¾ in.

Price: $250

3 Mercer Street, New York City, 1975


The short-lived 3 Mercer Street Store, founded by Stefan Eins in 1975, predated the creation of Collaborative Projects Inc. (Colab) but it had strong links with the group through many future Colab members like Eins.  Seeking to expand the audience for art, the store specialized in showing affordable multiples.   It was the acknowledged model for Colab’s later “A More Stores.” Ephemera from the 3 Mercer St. Store is extremely rare.  This poster/announcement is for a show of inventions by Eins.  It is a strong example of Eins’ graphic art talents with its distinctive type, layout, square design and use of a firm (relatively thick) paper.

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