Guerrilla Girls, Carl Andre & OJ Simpson, “What Do These Men Have in Common?” Offset Print, 1995,


Offset print, 23 x 18 inches

Guerrilla Girls Carl Andre O.J. Simpson

Every 15 seconds, another woman is assaulted by her husband or boyfriend. Some of these assaults end in murder. Usually there are no eyewitnesses to these crimes.

Inset (detail). Carl Andre: Acquitted in 1988 of murdering his wife, Ana Mendieta. O.J. Simpson: Acquitted in 1995 of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown.
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Guerrilla Girls: Feminist Street Posters, 1985–1991

When the Guerrilla Girls began wheatpasting their first posters on walls in Soho and Tribeca in 1985 they introduced a provocative new type of politicized street art that had an almost immediate effect.  Rooted in an era when women were increasingly conscious of widespread inequalities in America, the Guerrilla Girls…