AREA, Thirtieth Anniversary of The Paris Review, 16-Page Booklet with Cartoons by Roz Chast, May 29, 1985

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Booklet of illustrations by Roz Chast for the Thirtieth Anniversary of The Paris Review, celebrated at AREA.

16 pages with 11 cartoons. 5.25 x 8.25 inches.

The paris review booklet
Front of booklet
roz chast cartoon
Pages 2–3 of booklet, featuring Roz Chast cartoons
Pages 4–5 featuring Roz Chast cartoons
AREA Comic Books/Graphic Novels Nightclubs Roz Chast


AREA: Cards and Invites from the Legendary Nightclub, 1983–1986

AREA became New York City’s top club in the mid-80s, with much of its success rooted in its popularity among artists, many of whom participated in the club’s ambitious program of creating new themes and décor every six weeks.