C Space, Ross Bleckner, Diego Cortez, Lucio Pozzi, Card, 1979

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Postcard for a group show organized by Lucio Pozzi at C Space, 1979.  Included work by artists Ross Bleckner, Diego Cortez, Duncan Smith and Susanna Tanger.

“These days, I seem to be less interested in developing any theme or assessing any link between ideas, ways or artists.  Rather, I am curious about differences.  Things seem different only within a given wavelength, or a certain set of criteria of observations. The simultaneous presence of apparently different things breaks the criteria that view them as different and institutes a link of possible discoveries.” – Lucio Pozzi, 1979

4″ x 6″

C Space Lucio Pozzi


C Space Lucio Pozzi


C Space Diego Cortez