P.S. 1, New York / New Wave, Poster, February – April 1981


Poster for P.S.1’s legendary group exhibition, New York / New Wave, curated by Diego Cortz, February 15 – April 5, 1981.  Participating artists included Crash, DNA, Dondi, Edo, Fab Five, Futura 2000, Jedd Garet, Nan Goldin, Duncan Hannah, Keith Haring, Greer Lankton, Lydia Lunch, Ann Magnuson, Christopher Makos, Robert Mapplethorpe, Samo (Jean-Michel Basquiat’s early moniker), Kenny Scharf, Seen, John Sex, Ken Tisa, and Andy Warhol.  New York / New Wave was Jean-Michel Basquiat’s first exhibition.

22″ x 34″

p.s. 1 poster for New York / New Wave

Diego Cortez Graffiti and Street Art Jean-Michel Basquiat P.S. 1


A Survey of Jean-Michel Basquiat Ephemera: 1981–88

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