Show of Strength, with Bourgeois, Schapiro, Dickson, among others, Poster, Anne Plumb Gallery, 1991



The catalogue and card for this event is also available.

Anne Plumb Gallery, Show of Strength, Betty Woodman, Miriam Schapiro, Jane Dickson, Joan Snyder, Joyce Kozloff, Lorna Simpson, Mierle Ukeles, May Stevens, Louise Bourgeois, Judy Pfaff, April Gornik, Mary Beth Edelson, among others, Poster, 1991. Taken at the Algonquin Hotel by photographer James Hamilton, 1991.

Comes with a diagram identifying all the artists in the group portrait.

Size: 24 x 14 inches

April Gornik Artist Portraits Betty Woodman Jane Dickson Joan Snyder Joyce Kozloff Judy Pfaff Judy Rifka Lorna Simpson Louise Bourgeois Mary Beth Edelson Mary-Ann Monforton May Stevens Mierle Laderman Ukeles Miriam Schapiro Women