Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anatomy, Annina Nosei Gallery, Card, 1982


Jean-Michel Basquiat, Anatomy, Annina Nosei Gallery, Card promoting an edition of photo silkscreen prints, 1982

Straight from the print run; flat and still not folded as designed. Unfolded Size: 8 x 6 Inches

It’s not often that new vintage copies of a rare, historically important gallery announcement card suddenly appear. But this is exactly what happened with a highly prized 1982 card printed by the Annina Nosei Gallery to promote Jean-Michel Basquiat’s print portfolio Anatomy. Having unexpectedly acquired multiple copies of this card from Annina Nosei herself, Gallery 98 can now offer a limited number at a greatly reduced price.

The fact that mint copies of this important card still exist is testimony to Basquiat’s phenomenal early success. Anatomy, Basquiat’s first print project published by the Annina Nosei Gallery was completed just before he left the gallery. A few months later, Nosei showed the Anatomy portfolio in the back room of her gallery, while works by Rammelzee were featured in the main room. In an earlier Gallery 98 newsletter we wrote about the two cards produced for these simultaneous 1983 Basquiat and Rammelzee exhibitions. But we didn’t know then of the existence of this earlier, folded card, which had limited distribution because the Anatomy portfolio sold out quickly. These unused cards have only recently been found.


Annina Nosei Gallery Expressionism Jean-Michel Basquiat


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