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February 22, 2024
Portraits of Artists: Gagosian Invitation Cards, 1992 – 1993

The cards featured here date from the early 1990s when Gagosian mostly exhibited older established male artists. They all include images of artists in their studios, emphasizing their fame, and the drama and romance of art making.

October 6, 2022
Portraits of Artists: Gagosian Gallery Cards, 1992–1993

This collection of folded cards from the Gagosian Gallery in the early 1990s, features black and white photographs of artists in their studios, highlighting the fame, drama, and romance of art making.

May 12, 2022
ARTISTS AND ART DEALERSEphemera with Portraits

If you want to own just one item of art ephemera, a good choice might be a gallery invitation featuring a portrait of your favorite artist. This type of card has long been used as a way to advertise exhibitions, especially if the artist is well-known or has a distinctive…

February 4, 2021
ART EPHEMERA – ARTIST PORTRAITS William Pope. L, Judy Chicago, Julian Schnabel, Willem de Kooning

Collectors of art ephemera who focus on the career of a favorite artist highly prize cards and flyers that include a portrait of the artist.  Ephemera of this kind is surprisingly rare as most galleries and museums prefer to promote the works being exhibited rather than the artist. Gallery…

September 17, 2020
FIVE PORTRAITS OF ARTISTS Jenny Holzer – Lady Pink – Sturtevant – Colette – Nan Goldin

Gallery 98 features art and art ephemera connected to artists active in downtown New York in the 1960s to 90s. This was a time when artists were exploring their own real-life experiences, often creating works incorporating self-portraits and depictions of friends.